Saturday, 12 May 2012

Baby Scream - Lost Balloons (2012)

Genre - Pop / Rock / Punk / Powerpop
Label - Eternal Sunday

Track listing:

01 - We Are Against The System (One More Chance) (Demo)
02 - Ball Of Fun
03 - Ive Had Enough With You
04 - Onie (Demo)  (Electric Prunes cover)
05 - Revenge Of The Nerds
06 - I Dont Wanna Wake Up From This Dream (Demo)
07 - Barry's Blues (The Groover Radio Show Jingle)
08 - Tie A Yellow Ribbon  (Tony Orlando cover)
09 - Sadly Beautiful (Home Demo recording) ( The Replacements cover)
10 - When The Angels Sing (Social Distortion cover)
11 - Judy Is A Punk (Ramones cover)
12 - Beat On The Brat (Ramones cover)
13 - A Song For A Soldier (Marc Bolan 'Lost' Demo cover)
14 - Reality (Marc Bolan 'Lost' Demo cover)
15 - High Wire (Demo) (T-Rex cover)
16 - Cosmic Dancer feat Deafboy One (T-Rex cover)
17 - Working Class Hero feat Deafboy One (John Lennon cover)

What a collection. Seventten songs that trace the history and development of the amazingly talented Baby Scream. Made up of outtakes, covers, demo's and home recordings Lost Balloons really does give us an insight into the inner soul of the band.
Whether they be chilling out on an old classic such as Tie a yellow Ribbon, or revving up the guitars for a Ball of Fun, or punking it up on Ramones and Social Distortion songs, Baby Scream always pull it off with amazing ease.
This release has been made available as a free promotional compilation, although I myself would have happily parted with my hard earned money for the quality on display here.
I was privilaged enough to have been given the chance to hear some of these songs prior to their selection for release, and was blown away by the quality especially as most of them are demos!
The web link comes with some informative liner notes from Juan himself, so you get a little of the back story to each track.
Standout tracks for me have to include, Revenge Of the Nerds, Song for A Soldier, Ball Of Fun , I Dont Wanna Wake Up From This Dream and Working Class Hero, but to be honest all seventeen tracks are great.

Check this album out, you have got nothing to loose as its bloody well free anyway!

Download here

A great stop gap release whilst we await their next studio album!
Very Very Highly reconmmended!!

Rating - 10/10

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