Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Joey Ramone - Rock 'n' Roll Is The Answer single (2012)

Genre - Rock / Pop / Punk
Label -

Track listing:

01 - Rock 'n' Roll Is The Answer
02 - Theres Got To Be More To Life

Taken from Joey Ramones forthcoming second solo album which is made up of songs that Joey had recorded and demos made prior to his death, that have been completed posthumously.
Well what do they sound like, well Rock n Roll Is The answer seems like an ok song, the songwrittings good, the muician ship is great and the production is outstanding. the problem is that the two songs seem to lack the bite that usually comes with a Ramoes, or even Joey ramone track. The temo of both songs is way too laid back, something that Joey cant be blammed for, as his parts were probably only recorded as demos with the intention of recorded at a later date. The songs just seem to plod along with no urgency, and its a pity because in my opinion the songs obviously had something about them, yet theyve been robbed at the final stages. A huge pity and rather dissapointing to be honest.

For completist only.

Rating 6/10

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