Monday, 7 May 2012

Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol (2012)

Genre - Gothic / Heavy Metal / Doom Metal / Hard Rock
Label - Century Media

Track listing:

01. Solitary One
02. Crucify
03. Fear Of Impending Hell
04. Honesty In Death
05. Theories From Another World
06. In This We Dwell
07. To The Darkness
08. Tragic Idol
09. Worth Fighting For
10. The Glorious End
11. Ending Through Changes (Japanese Bonus Track)
12. Never Take Me Alive (Japanese Bonus Track)
13. True Belief (Live) (Japanese Bonus Track)
14. One Second (Live) (Japanese Bonus Track)
15. Say Just Words (Live) (Japanese Bonus Track)

The past few releases have seen a real return to form for the Yorkshire Gothic metal merchants, and Tragic Idol really does appear to be the icing on the cake!
Tragic Idol manages to combine the raw power, heaviness and might of the bands earl releases with the sophistication and experimental nature of the bands errr, less heavy releases, resulting in a really good album!
Everything about Tragic Idol is top notch, the production, the songwritting and the delivery, this is probably the best album that the band could deliver, and when you consider just how long these guys have been at it, its great to find that they've not lost any of their hunger!
This album is excellent from begining to end and its hard to pick out any really stand out tracks, so I'll just list a few of my favorites, these being, Fear Of Impending Hell, Honesty In Death, In This We Dwell, Tragic Idol and To The Darkness, although I have to admit I really do like the Japanese bonus track Never Take Me Alive!
This is great album for existing fans of the band who will surely love it, and a great introduction to their music for Paradise Lost virgins!

Get out there and buy it!

Rating - 10/10

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