Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tyla J. Pallas - Quinquaginta (2012)

Genre - Rock
Label - King Outlaw Records

Track listing -

01. Untouchable
02. Story Of Our Life
03. Just Another Love Song
04. In The Name
05. Hang 'Em High
06. Archie Leach From Bristol
07. Bess
08. Armada Of Hearts
09. Alright (I Will Always Love You)
10. To Hell
11. The Hellraisers
12. Devils Revenge
13. Untouchable (Acoustic)

This is the new album from Tyla (Dogs D'Amour).  Quinquaginta (pronounced kwin-kwa-ginta) for the uninformed is Latin for 50 which is the age Tyla has reached without the aid of a safety net! This will be his 17th solo album and the first under the name Tyla J Pallas and will bring his total number of albums released, including 5 Best Of's, to 37. The album was recorded in London, Wolverhampton and Clermont Ferrand, France with Simon Hanson (Squeeze) on drums, Mark Stanway (Magnum) on keyboards and was produced by Tyla. Limited to 300 copies.

Containing thirteen absolutley stunning songs, proving that even after all of these years Tyla still has the magic touch where song writing is concerned. There is not a bad track anywhere insight on this album, and the production is excellent, something that in my honest opinion has sometimes let Tyla's solo releases down in the past. As can be seen, the musicians assembled for this album are all talented veterens of their craft, and it really shows!
I love this album as it really does in my honest opinion see Tyla at his best, crooning out soulful ballads such as Archie Leach, Bess, Armarda Of Hearts, or autobiographical rockers like Untouchable, To Hell, to epic feeling moody tracks like The Hellraisers and Devils Revenge.
This is a great album and an absolute must for any fan of Tyla or The Dogs D'Amour, or even just any fan of good old fashioned rock n' roll to be honest!

Highlight tracks of which there are many on this release include for me, Story Of our Life, Hang 'Em High, To Hell, The Hellraisers, Devils Revenge, In The Name and Bess, to be honest just a fantastic album!
Very highly reconmended!

Rating - 10/10

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