Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Dogs D'Amour - A Graveyard of Empty Bottles MMXII (2012)

Genre - Rock / Rock n Roll / Acoustic / Stripped Down
Label - King Outlaw Records

Track listing -
01. I Think It S Love Again

02. So Once Was I
03. Comfort Of The Devil
04. Saviour
05. Errol Flynn
06. Bullet Proof Poet
07. When The Dream Has Gone
08. Angel
09. Just An English Outlaw
10. Gone Are All The Angels
11. Died ' Fore She Got Young
12. Stealin' From The Devil
13. Wont You Let Go

"A Graveyard Of Empty Bottles MMXII

The press release says …‘A Graveyard of Empty Bottles’, It was his concept piece at the time, an emotional journey through Life, Love and Death. The Dogs D’amour began recording in an East London studio on the 9th December 1988. With just 8 days to record and mix they got to work and it didn’t take long before she emerged from a sea of cigarette smoke and red wine. China records would only initially press 15,000 numbered 10’’ vinyls And so in 1989 she came to surpass expectations and sailed into the UK album charts anchoring a position of sweet 16.
With the 15,000 pieces of black Gold treasure hunted by the faithful she sailed into the sunset morphing into several thousand 12’’ vinyls and tens of thousands newly born Compact Discs. A sea of worthy hearts engulfed her then she sank to the bottom of the deep blue. Much talked about in the music press and on rock forums alike ‘A Graveyard of Empty Bottles’ became the thing of myth and legend. It was an album that not only entertained, it enthralled its listeners and encapsulated those who dared.. Like a mermaid on the rocks people would be drawn to the tales of heartache and stories of woe. In a clever twist rock minds were subtly broadened by listening to something a bit more poetic and tender than the systematic commercial rock of the day.What happens with good poetry is that it inspires others, stands the test of time…. And get better with age
Over the years fans of the Dogs D’amour have remained dedicated, growing up with Tyla they turn up at shows religiously, often bringing their offspring to experience the heartfelt performances mixed with banter and booze. Collecting every piece of art, poetry and limited albums and treasures alike. Now from the depths up she rise’s, re-recorded by Tyla with all the vitality a soul can muster up cloaked in fifty years of singing, strumming and strolling this earth has produced. We give you ‘A Graveyard of Empty Bottles MMXII’"
When I played this album, my girlfriend labeled Tyla the modern day Johnny Cash and who am I to disagree, he sure knows how to write a rightious tune or two!

I have a copy of the original eight track release of this on cassette for years, tracking down various copies on cd as the years went on, with all eight songs remaining staples of any playlists that I have put together, the originals simply timeless! So how do the rerecordings compare? Well the songs havent just been rerecorded, they have been completley re interpereted, adding entirely new dimensions to each song. Are they better than the originals? Well they are that different, both versions of each song are as good as each other, both versions are amazing.  On this release, the mini albums original eight tracks are supplemented by a further five, again reworked, making an album that always left you wanting more into an album that is totally fulfilling upon each and every listen!
Standout tracks, well all thirteen are brilliant, but my favorite of favorites are, Stealing From The Devil, Bulletproof Poet, To Hell, I Think Its Love Again, Gone Are All The Angels and Comfort Of The Devil.

this album is not just essential for fans of Tyla and The Dogs D'Amour, its essential for fans of good music everywhere, hell its essential for the music industry which has lost touch with artists that live and breathe their art.


Rating - 10/10

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