Monday, 7 May 2012

Killing Joke - MMXII (2012)

Genre - Industrial Rock / Post Punk / Industrial Punk
Label - Spinefarm Records

Track listing -

01. Pole Shift
02. Fema Camp
03. Rapture
04. Colony Collapse
05. Corporate Elect
06. In Cythera
07. Primobile
08. Glitch
09. Trance
10. On All Hallow's Eve

Well from the opening seconds of Pole Shift you know exactly what you've got with this album! A typically harrowing vision of apocolypic futures, emotional turmoil and corperate corruption. So its buisness as usual then for Jez and co.
To be honest this is the strongest album that Ive heard from Killing Joke in years. they have always managed to blend the anger and punk intensity with atmospheric soundscapes, creating a sound that is truly unique. They have often been immitated but rarely equaled!
Pole Shift really does set the scene for this album, although I have to admit, not many bands can get away with opening an album with a track thats a touch under nine minutes long!
Fema Camp cramps up the aggression  as does Rapture, although both have very destinictively different sounds!
There is just not a bad track on this album, and although at times it can be a little hard to digest in one sitting, its well worth the perseverence, as each time you hear a track you discover something new about it!
A Awesome album from a band that just seem to get better and better as the years pass

Rating 10/10

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