Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Spit Like This - Normalityville Horror (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock / Sleaze / Rockabilly / Goth / Glam
Label - Dark Lord Records

Track listing -

01 - Sick
02 - Normalityville Horror
03 - Zero To Sixty
04 - Very Very Good At Being Bad
05 - Dragged Kicking & Screaming
06 - Teen Angel
07 - The Life & Times Of The Suicide Kid
08 - Oh No! Here We Go!
09 - The Dumb Song
10 - Dead To Me Now

Lord Zion, Vicky Spit and Co return with their second album and the follow up to 2009's debut, We Wont Hurt You, But We Wont Go Away, in the form of Normalityville Horror.
Here we have more of what Spit Like This do best, a perfect blend of Hard Rock / Punk / Sleaze / Rockabilly and sixties rock 'n' roll musical influences. To be honest, the best way to describeSpit Like This is to imagine if you threw Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Early Motley Crue along with some Sixties Rock N Roll into a blender, then mixed the result with a healthy dose of Rocky Horror, then you maybe close to describing the bands sound. The songs themselves are full of life almost theatrical, cominag accross kind of like a modern day Rocky horror Picture Show!
From the opening moments of Sick to the closing riffs of dead To Me Now, this album is pure Spit Like This, pure and simple.
the only fault that I can find is that despite having the skills of one Chris Tsangarides on hand as producer, sometimes the songs just feel a little too loose for me, nit picking probably, but hey Spit Like This have never fitted into any particular genre any how so who am I to comment lol.
Stand out tracks for me include, Zero To Sixty, Very Very Good At Being Bad, Teen Angel and Dead To Me Now.
If you're a fan of the band then you are going to love this album, if you have never heard of them, well check them out, you never know you may discover a unique new band to love!

Rating 8/10

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