Monday, 7 May 2012

Europe - Bag Of Bones (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - earMUSIC

Track listing -

01. Riches to Rags
02. Not Supposed to Sing the Blues
03. Firebox
04. Bag of Bones
05. Requiem
06. My Woman My Friend
07. Demon Head
08. Drink and A Smile
09. Doghouse
10. Mercy You Mercy Me
11. Bring It All Home
12. Beautiful Disaster (Japan Bonus Track)

"The thing that impresses me with this band is their ability to evolve with each album they release, and give the listener something that is genuinely different to the last offering. So many bands churn out album after album using the same tired old formula, but not these guys!

With bag of bones the band enlisted the expertise of producer Kevin Shirley ( Aerosmith, Dream Theater, Black Country Communion, Journey, The Black Crowes). The Result is a much more gritty sound than on Last look at Eden, and it certainly seems to suit the distinctly more bluesy vibe on this album. it sounds as if it could have been recorded live, a big part of which is down to he big open live drum sound that was common in a lot 70's production.
The song writing on this album is excellent, the lyrics are well crafted and full of emotion and soul, as is Joey's Vocal performance, which is probably his best on any of their albums since the reunion in 2003. John Norum's guitar playing, as ever, is excellent, but he really does shine on this album in partiuclar. It's obvoius that he is most comfortable when playing blues, and some of the solo work, particularly on the opener "rags to riches", is stunning."
I couldnt have said it better to be honest!
There are so many great tracks on this album, opener Riches To Rags, Not Supposed To Sing The Blues, title track, Bag Of Bones, Demon Head, Doghouse well the list goes on!
Europe are a great band that just continue to grow and evolve, Bag Of Bones has a great bluesy rock feel to it and it suite the band so well. This album is probably one of the best albums that the band have ever and will ever record!

Rating - 10/10

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