Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Romeo's Daughter - Rapture (2012)

Genre - Rock / AOR / Pop
Label - RD Records

Track listing -

01 - Trippin' Out
02 - Bittersweet
03 - Cannnot Be The One
04 - Keep Walkin'
05 - Lightning
06 - Alive
07 - Fly Away
08 - Make My Dreams Come True
09 - Precious Thing
10 - Talking Love
11 - He's Mine
12 - Will Be

After a break of far too many years, Romeo's Daughter return with their third album Rapture. The follow up to 1993's Delectable, Rapture see's romeo's Daughter pretty much just pick up where they left of 19 years ago!
Leigh Matty's voice is still in fine form, and the band haven't forgotten how to write some sublime AOR during their absence!
Rapture is a collection of twelve very finely crafted songs, executed to perfection with Leighs sultry vocals topping them off like the icing on a christmas cake!
Although you could never acuse Romeos Daughter of being a heavy band, there aree a few rockin' up tempo tracks here on Rapture, Trippin' Out, Keep Walkin' and He's Mine, but its the slower tempo dare I say more emotional and moodier tracks that have always been Romeo's Daughters speciality, and Rapture is no exception, with songs like Bittersweet, Will Be, Fly Away and Alive really showcasing Leigh's vocals off to perfection.
This is one hell of a strong album, from a band that I had honestly forgotten that I liked so much.
All I can say is that Im so glad they have reunited and are releasing quality albums once again!
Its been a long time since Romeo's Daughter's story began with 1988's Heaven In The Back Seat, but here we are 24 years, 3 albums later and they are sounding stronger than ever!
Really worth checking out if you like quality AOR and female fronted bands!

Rating 10/10

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