Friday, 2 August 2013

Newsted - Heavy Metal Music (2013)

Genre - Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal
Label - Chophouse Records

Track listing:

01. Heroic Dose
02. Soldierhead
03. ...As The Crow Flies
04. Ampossible
05. Long Time Dead
06. Above All
07. King Of The Underdogs
08. Nocturnus
09. Twisted Tail Of The Comet
10. Kindevillusion
11. Futureality

Jason Newsted has been criminally underrated as a performer, a composer and a musician in general, that is until now!
He has been overshadowed, forgotten, and to a great extent, discredited as an artist since 2000/2001. This is because of a number of small reasons, the most two most damaging are being mixed out of every Metallica recording that he “appeared on” and playing in the band during Metallica’s massive slide in form.
This has left his pre-Metallica career pretty much forgotten, and his post-Metallica career to being met with a certain amount of apathy. People forget that he was a primary member in the foundation of the Thrash band, Flotsam and Jetsam. That feat alone was one of the main reasons that he was allow join Metallica, it was due to his legit Thrash credentials. What followed was a criminal misuse of his skills and songwriting ability i.e. no audible bass in any Metallica tracks from 1986 on and outright bullying by band mates. All of this culminated with Newsted departing Metallica in 2000/2001 to play with Ozzy Osbourne and then the Canadian tech-Thrash icons Voivod until 2008. Echobrain, Sepultura, Who Cares (with Tony Iommi and Ian Gillan) and many others fall into this man’s back catalogue.
Newsted then founded Chophouse Records, and used this as his base for the Newsted music project. Led by Jason on bass and vocals, and featuring Jesus Mendez Jr. on Drums, Jessie Farnsworth Guitars (and backing vocals),and Mike Mushok (Staind) on Guitars Newsted the band finally took shape. As a band Newsted  very much embraces nearly 30 years of styles… and pulls it off very very well! Heavy Metal Music follows on from the successful Metal EP that was launched earlier in the year.
I have heard it said that may be Newsted tried to envisage the album that Metallica should have made after the Black album but didn't, I have to disagree a little. Imagine Lemmy (Motorhead choosing to record the Black Album and the better tracks from Load and you may get an idea of what Heavy Metal Music has to offer.
Heavy Metal is a Heavy (and I mean Heavy!) Rock / Metal album, but despite embracing the influences of the past 30 years of music styles, they have come out with a refreshingly current sounding album that more than nobs its head a little to the bassists past.
Musically the band are awesome but its Jasons vocal style that is perhaps the most surprising, his raspy, harsh semi-shouting is a perfect fit for the band,
Ampossible, …As The Crow Flies and Twisted Tail Of The Comet highlight both the songwriting ability of the band leader and the reach of the band itself. All of these songs, in their own way, play around with “Black Sabbath” flavoured material.
King Of the Underdogs seems to be the most personal track here, with Jason exploring his experiences of life with his former employers, but more in a defiant than bitter way. To be honest there just isn't a bad track on this album!
For a debut album, Heavy Metal Music is stunning!.

Long live Newsted, and may Jason finally receive the accolades that he deserves!

Very highly Recommended

Rating - 10/10

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