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TYLA J. PALLAS - Devil's Supper [Electric Sitting] (2013)

Genre - Hard Rock / Rock n Roll / Sleaze
Label - King Outlaw Records

Track listing:

01 - Love is
02 - Long Shadows
03 - It Ain't Over Yet
04 - Green Eyed Girl
05 - All Alone
06 - Judas Christ
07 - The Meaning Of Fortune And Fame
08 - Yeah (I Love You Baby)
09 - In Another Life
10 - That Someone
11 - Home
12 - Religion
13 - Ode To Jackie Leven
14 - Wisdom
15 - Judas Christ (Acoustic demo)

Tyla, (front man of UK sleazsters Dog's D'Amour) returns with his latest solo album, Devils Super (Electric Sitting), making it twenty plus solo albums now!
Devils Super continues Tyla's own brand of soulful Rolling Stones esque rock n roll, and I swear just like a fine wine, he and his songwriting are getting better and better with age!
The album kicks off with the superb "Love Is", a warm, honky tonk groove that staggers into the saloon on a woozy piano and Rolling Stones-ish guitar. But where it really shines is on the excellent verses to reach the bridge where some hearty horns are injected halfway through, and of course Tyla's characteristic drool. It's a great unassuming song of homely joy, and a track that immediately embeds itself into the brain, before we're treated to the boogie 'n' roll of "Long Shadows" with its pattering drum and gentle swagger.
Tyla often struggles with any hint of a high note, but that's the charm of that broken throat, especially with the smoky steps of "It Ain't Over Yet" and the shimmering wonder of "Green Eyed Girl", with its pleasant sways as Tyla croons 'Back in the summer of ’75 when I first saw you my heart came alive, standing there in the bright moonlight I got what they meant about love at first sight'. It’s another instant classic rocker that evokes images of rainy streets and old pubs filled with cigarette smoke as the horns drift in on that indolent chorus.
Tyla’s unique style is not merely the only quality that enables this album to roll. The moods are defined by simple yet provocative instruments such as a light keyboard, piano or a jangly guitar, making tracks such as "All Alone" or the twanging "Judas Christ" so sincere.But of all the heartfelt tracks on offer it's the tear-jerking ballad "Ode To Jackie Leven" that really tugs at the heart strings, as Tyla’s voice deepens over a swaying acoustic. Leven was a Scottish folk singer who died in 2011 and Tyla’s ode is majestic with its wheezing pipes.
Tyla clearly has no need to shake a bottle in your face, when it's far easier to sit down next to him and share his thoughts over a glass of warm red wine. The 14 tracks on offer here (15 if you count the demo of "Judas Christ") are so tall in stature and yet rarely do they breath beyond an acoustic ramble.
This is a record that ebbs and flows magnificently - it has drama and will also make you smile. It has lovable songs inspired in the past but will have old and young rock fans bowled over with quality of the songwriting. A lot of musicians spend a lifetime striving to write a decent song or two and Tyla J. Pallas seems to ooze great tunes with unnerving ease.
This is one hell of an album,
Stand out tracks include, "Love Is", " It Ain't Over Yet", "Wisdom", Judas Christ", Religion" and " Ode To Jackie Leven".

Highly reconmended

Rating - 10/10

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