Wednesday, 23 July 2014

DIRE STRAITS - Brothers In Arms [Remaster SHM-CD] (2014)

Genre - Classic Rock
Label - Universal Japan

Track listing:
01 - So Far Away
02 - Money For Nothing
03 - Walk Of Life
04 - Your Latest Trick
05 - Why Worry
06 - Ride Across The River
07 - The Man's Too Strong
08 - One World
09 - Brothers In Arms

Finally one of the greatest Classic Rock albums of all time is released on high quality SHM-CD format; DIRE STRAITS "Brothers In Arms". 
"Brothers In Arms" previously appeared on a multi-channel SACD, however the mastering of that release is not to everyone’s taste, considered rather bright and compressed by some.
This new remaster by Universal Japan sounds wonderful, with a fantastic dynamic range and replicating the original LP length and artwork.
Brothers In Arms" was a number one album in almost every country, certified platinum nine times in the US and diamond in both Europe and the UK, making this the band's best-selling album worldwide and one of the most famous Classic Rock recordings of all time.
Exquisitely produced, the album generated five successful singles in "Money For Nothing", "So Far Away", "Brothers in Arms", "Walk Of Life" and "Your Latest Trick".
Many fans were demanding a proper remaster of this gem, honouring the original vinyl LP release both in sound and track length, as most of the songs on the subsequent CD / cassette editions were needlessly longer.
This SHM-CD release of the fifth studio album from Dire Straits is A Must Have.

Rating 10/10

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