Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Fozzy - Do You Want to Start a War (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Label - Century Media Records

Track listing:
01 - Do You Wanna Start a War
02 - Bad Tattoo
03 - Lights Go Out
04 - Died With You
05 - Tonight (ft. Michael Starr)
06 - Brides of Fire
07 - One Crazed Anarchist
08 - Unstoppable (ft. Christie Cook)
09 - Scarecrow
10 - No Good Way
11 - SOS
12 - Witchery

Chris Jericho and Fozzy are back with their sixth studio album, Do You Want to Start a War!
Things have changed a little for Fozzy over the years, Chris Jericho comes in. The WWE superstar joined Fozzy when it was a cover band known as Fozzy Osbourne, taking on the persona of Mongoose McQueen. The group sold a tongue-in-cheek back story where Mongoose and Jericho were two different people and the band was the originator of the songs they covered, the victims of an ill-advised signing to a doomed Japanese record label. It's been a decade since they've dropped their Spinal Tap-esque gimmick, instead turning their attention to becoming a legitimate hard rock/metal act, and in the last ten years they've been building their audience and developing their sound. Building off the back of 2012's well-received Sin and Bones, the group is back with Do You Want to Start a War in the hopes of finding an ever-wider audience.
And that really shouldn't be a problem to be honest. Songs like Brides Of Fire and One Crazed Anarchist will help satisfy the fans of Chasing The Grail and Sin And Bones albums, whilst the more commercial Tonight and SOS (yes a cover of the ABBA classic) should help bring in new fans and spread the bands fan base even further.
A really solid album
Standout Tracks include Bad Tattoo, Lights Go Out, Died With You, One Crazed Anarchist, Brides of Fire.

Rating 9/10

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