Saturday, 26 July 2014

Leanids- A Wildly (2014)

Genre - Rock / Alternative / Folk
Label - Self Released / Paper Wings Media

Track listing:
01 - Wanderlust
02 - Trust
03 - Candid And Frank
04 - All I Wanted
05 - Whirr
06 - And Then
07 - Whatever
08 - Noelle
09 - Ghostlight
10 - A Wildly
11 - A Wildly (Live At Svartån)

A Wildly is the debut full length album from Leanids, a Swedish alt-folk band.
Leanids set out to create a dreamy, organic and personal sound that falls somewhere in between alternative rock and folk.
The band retired to the vast Swedish countryside, where they recorded their debut album, "A Wildly". These sessions are the sound of four friends playing music in a room; offering a direct, honest and spontaneous collection of tunes that go straight to the heart.
A Wildly is a great sounding album, really laid back and heart felt. Every song just seems to hit the spot, with a sound that falls somewhere along the lines of Ryan Adams, Wolf People, Neil Young, The Common Linnets or Alabama Shakes…simply a nice blend of alternative rock and folk.Every track is simply bliss, if you are looking for that certain album to just put on and chill out too then look no further!

Rating - 10/10

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