Saturday, 29 August 2015

Buckcherry - Rock 'N' Roll (2015)

Genre - Hard Rock / Rock
Label - Pledge Music / F-Bomb
Track listing:
01 - Bring It On Back
02 - Tight Pants
03 - Wish To Carry On
04 - The Feeling Never Dies
05 - Cradle
06 - The Madness
07 - Wood
08 - Rain's Falling
09 - Sex Appeal
10 - Get With It
11 - I've Done Everything For You [Japan Bonus Track]
12 - Mama Kin [Japanese Bonus Track]
13 - Cannonball [Best Buy only Bonus Track]

One of the greatest clichés in Rock music or brave statement of intent? That's the question that I ask myself whenever an artist labels the song or album Rock 'N' Roll. I mean just look at the pedigree that it has to live up too from previous greats suck as AC/DC, Kiss, Led Zepplin and such. In this case I believe that its a statement of intent with Buckcherry, but do they pull it off?
Well to be fair, yes. Rock 'N' Roll is the bands sixth album and follows hot on the heals of last years 'Fuck' Ep and the pledge exclusive 'Singles Club'.
From the start, with 'Bring It On Back', you get classic American hard rock that hearken back to Eighties glory days.  'Tight Pants', is a typical Buckcherry lusty ode to the ladies, with a rockin' groove, that comes complete with a horn section. Sex and sax. Can't beat that for a combination!
 Another lascivious rock behemoth is 'Sex Appeal', where the rhythm section, bass and drums, lay down this infectious beat and groove for this fast paced song. After this other rockers include the raucous 'Get With It', speedy riff heavy 'The Madness', and 'Wood', with some solid gang vocals in a dense arrangement.
Alternatively, there some additional variety. 'Wish To Carry On', while definitely hard rock, puts the focus more onto the melody and harmony.  The guys take their foot off of the gas for 'The Feeling Never Dies' and 'Rain’s Falling', two beautiful songs that just invite the listener to kick back, relax and reflect a while.
On a whole  "Rock N Roll" is a feel-good rockin' album that is an excellent summertime soundtrack.
Fans will love "Rock 'N' Roll" and it may even draw in a few new fans.

Well worth checking out

Rating - 9/10

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