Saturday, 29 August 2015

Bon Jovi - Burning Bridges (2015)

Genre - Melodic Rock / Pop
Label - Mercury Records
Track listing:
01 - A Tear Drop To The Sea
02 - We Don't Run
03 - Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning
04 - We All Fall Down
05 - Blind Love
06 - Who Would You Die For
07 - Fingerprints
08 - Life Is Beautiful
09 - I'm Your Man
10 - Burning Bridges
Bon Jovi return with not so much a new album, but a new album that is made up of left over, previously unfinished songs from previous recording sessions, (something that is alluded to in the albums title track, 'Burning Bridges'). It has to be said, that although Burning Bridges is basically a contractual obligation filling release, it is also one of the best Bon Jovi releases that I have heard in a long, long time.
The album opens with the moody atmospheric 'A Tear Drop To The Sea', which see's the guys treading the slow ballady material that they do so well, but this is one of the strongest tracks that I have heard from them in years. A Great start!
Next up is the new song, 'We Don't Run'. which is very much a modern rocking song.
Melodic rocker 'Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning' follows, before 'We All Fall Down' slows the tempo a little once more. To be honest I could make mention of all ten tracks on offer here as they are all great songs, many of which I believe will become certified Bon Jovi classics.
Other stand out tracks include, 'Who Would You Die For?' and 'Fingerprints', two absolutely brilliant songs.
In fact this is simply the best album Bon Jovi has released in the last twenty years.
I cant recommend this album highly enough, whether you are fan of Bon Jovi or just melodic rock in general, you simply aren't going to hear a better album this year!
Very Highly Recommended
Rating  - 10/10


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