Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sexy - Shout For Sexy! (2015)

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock
Label -  Ambulance Recordings
Track Listing:
01 - Supernova Queen
02 - Drive
03 - Pamela
04 - Baby
05 - Late Night
06 - Fortunate Son
07 - Street Of Sin
08 - Don't Waste My Time
09 - Shout For Sexy!
Sexy are a 'Hot 'n 'Nasty Rock 'n' Roll' band hailing from Zofingen, Switzerland. Now how do I best describe Sexy? Well imagine if you can, a little bit of Kiss mixed with a whole lot of Black Sabbath. Good old fashioned heavy hard rock, with some great pop sensibilities too. For example, 'Pamela' has all of the hall markings of a great seventies era Kiss classic whereas Baby has some great bone crunching guitar work. To be fair I think that Sexy may have just about found the perfect balance between heavy and melodic., and vocalist Pascal Tallarico can hold a tune too!
I have to admit to not really knowing too much about these guys except that they truly rock, and I can see "Shout For Sexy!" becoming a regular on the decks so to speak.
The album was recorded within four days at Soma Studios with the world famous producer Reto Peter, Oakland, California.
Good old fashioned solid hard rock, yes that is the best way to describe this band and album.
There is not a duff track in sight on "Shout For Sexy!", but if I had to pick a couple of stand out tracks then 'Supernova Queen', 'Pamela', 'Baby', 'Street Of Sin' and 'Don't Waste Mt Time' are well worth a mention.
Well worth tracking down and checking out!
Rating - 9/10

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