Sunday, 30 August 2015

Biters - Electric Blood (2015)

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock
Label - Earache Records
Track listing:
01 - Restless Hearts
02 - 1975
03 - Heart Fulla Rock 'N Roll
04 - Dreams Don't Die
05 - Electric Blood
06 - The Kids Ain't Alright
07 - Low Lives In Hi Definition
08 - Time To Bleed
09 - Loose From The Noose
10 - Space Age Wasteland
Biters are a hard rock band hailing from Atlanta (USA) and are hell bent on reviving the good old days of classic hard rock, together with quite a few other bands today, you could say that there is a nice little scene growing worldwide. Many bands struggle to make an impression with early albums due to lack of direction and personality but this is definitely not the case with Biters. Their songs are focused and have a maturity about them that really should be a young bands debut album, yet clearly isn't in this case.
Electric Blood is packed to the brim with huge catchy chorus's and melodic riffs,  album opener, "Restless Hearts", is a positive, punchy and catchy rock n’ roll number, "1975" follows with its huge chorus and a groove, that although disciplined, will get those feet tapping, I guarantee!
"Heart Fulla Rock N’ Roll" brings with it some nostalgia and an impression of the spirit of what Biters are all about, while the enigmatic and heartfelt "Dreams Don’t Die" adds a real sense of class and sophistication to proceedings. "Low Lives In High Definition" adds some pacey riffs to the mix, whilst "The Kids Ain’t Alright" really mixes things up, starting out as a heart touching ballad before bursting into life in the form of a massive arena-filling anthem. Great song!
 Biters are a great band and Electric Blood is a very good album that manages to cover all the bases, even managing to sound familiar upon the first listen.
Well Worth Checking Out!
Rating - 9/10



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