Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Dan Reed - Transmission (2015)

Genre - Melodic Rock / Pop
Label - AOR Heaven Records
Track listing:
01 - Broken Soul
02 - Roll the Dice
03 - Drive
04 - Anywhere But Here
05 - Bending the Light
06 - Arm Yourself
07 - Fire in the Pyramid
08 - You’re All I Need
09 - On the Metro
10 - Ear to the Track
11 - What Dreams May Come
12 - Already There
13 - She’s Not You

DAN REED’s career burns bright at both ends: from his entry into the heavy funk rock arena with the Dan Reed Network in the late '80s to his current trade, travelling across Europe and occasionally the US having been commissioned to bring heartfelt joy into people’s homes with his unfaltering voice and incredible canon of songs at his disposal.
2015 sees Dan Reed himself seven years down the line as a successful solo artist, in the terms of having an army of adoring fans who love his art. Which leads us to "Transmission", his new solo album released by AOR HEAVEN Records.
Dan's third solo album is a labour of love, of which the end result is majestic.
Recorded as a trio with long term collaborators Bengan Jonasson on bass and Robert Ikiz on drums, all the instrumentation has the feel of being carefully thought out and totally in sync with the songs at all times.
Opening track "Broken Soul" carries on where Dan’s previous album ‘Signal Fire’ left off. It’s probably the most up-tempo song on the album and grabs you within the first few bars with its seductive melody. It’s also a prime candidate for first single and I should imagine will be a live favourite for years to come.
The catchy "Roll the Dice" follows in mid-tempo quality, then "Drive" is slow and quite modern in the vein of the last Richard Marx. The plodding yet rocky "Anywhere but Here" has a deep, involving melody with cool arrangements.
It's a surprise to see a cover, as Reed is a prolific songwriter; "You’re All I Need" is a heartfelt reworking of a bluesy number by the soulful Scottish band The Rising Souls, and Reed makes it his own with class.
"What Dreams May Come" is a beautiful and fitting tribute to Robin Williams following his sad and untimely death, and "She’s not You" was written after the passing of Dan’s friend’s sister. Both are emotive numbers.
Other stand out tracks include the future crowd-pleasing anthem "Fire in the Pyramid", while "On the Metro" (co-written with Gregory Darling) - which was a track I initially dismissed as too slow for my liking, yet the more I listened and the closer I paid attention, the more I realised it’s one of the most interesting songs on the album.
Dan Reed has converted the passion and feeling he puts into every solo live performance to the making of "Transmission" and as a result the whole package oozes sentiment and warmth.
This isn’t an album to rock out to. That will hopefully come with the next Dan Reed Network release in the making.
"Transmission" is an album that’s engaging and endlessly giving. A labour of love that entices you in, captures your imagination, broadens your horizons and leaves you with a sense of contentment. A warm and cosy wrapping of lovingly put together smooth adult Rock for those times when loud won't do.
Very Highly Recommended.

Rating - 9/10

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