Monday, 28 March 2011

Terrorvision - Super Delux

Genre - Rock / Pop / Metal / BritRock
Label - Total Vegas Recordings

Track Listing
01. Demolition Song
02. Hold Tight
03. Neighbourhood
04. Pushover
05. This Is Suicide
06. Babylon
07. All the Girls Wanna Dance
08. Friend in Need
09. Rock Radio
10. Shiny Things
11. Run & Hide

After a 10 year absence from the recording studio, Terrorvision return with a new studio album, and I’m glad to say, it’s a true return to form with the band going back to what bought them to the dance in the first place.
This album contains all the pop bounce and northern whit that made albums like How To Make Friends And Influence People and Regular Urban Survivors so great. These guys just haven’t lost their touch.
The energy is still there and so is the song writting quality, and songs like Demolition Song, Pushover, This Is Suicide, All Girls Wanna Dance (a sucessor to Oblivion?), Friend In Need and Babylon are welcome additions to the Terrorvision arsenal.
This is great album and great reminder of days gone by, now all we need is Ginger to get The Wildhearts back together along with a 3 Colours Red and Honeycrack reunion and we can have the 2nd coming of Britrock!
Viva la revolution!

Website – Terrorvision Rating - 10/10

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