Friday, 25 March 2011

Queen - Queen II (2011 Remaster)

Genre - Classic Rock / Hard Rock / Pop / Glam
Label - Island Records

01 – Procession
02 – Father to Son
03 – White Queen (As it Began)
04 – Some Day One Day
05 – The Loser in The End
06 – Ogre Battle
07 – The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke
08 – Nevermore
09 – The March of The Black Queen
10 – Funny How Love Is
11 – Seven Seas of Rhye

Bonus CD:
01 – See What a Fool I’ve Been (BBC Session, July 1973 – Remix 2011)
02 – White Queen (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, December 1975)
03 – Seven Seas of Rhye (Instrumental Mix 2011)
04 – Nevermore (BBC Session, April 1974)
05 – See What a Fool I’ve Been (B-Side Version, February 1974)

Queen II is quite possibly Queen's best ever album, simple!
Here it sounds even better with the likes of Ogre Battle, Fairy Feller's Master Stroke, Nevermore, March Of The Black Queen, White Queen and Father To Son really coming to life under the excellent 2011 re-mastering treatment that they have received.

The bonus disc here features a few real gems, Nevermore (BBC Session), See What A Fool I've Been, (BBC Session and its camper B-side version), but If I’m honest I'm sure they could have included a little more, at the very least the rest of the BBC session or some of the unfinished demos that they have in their archives. Oh well here’s to waiting for the anthology.

A great album and if you're unfamiliar with the Queen of this era, then this album is a great way to introduce yourself.

Website - Queen
Rating - 9/10

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