Friday, 25 March 2011

Queen - A Night at The Opera (2011 Remaster)

Genre - Classic Rock / Hard Rock / Pop / Glam
Label - Island Records

01 – Death On Two Legs
02 – Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
03 – I’m In Love With My Car
04 – You’re My Best Friend
05 – ’39
06 – Sweet Lady
07 – Seaside Rendezvous
08 – The Prophet’s Song
09 – Love Of My Life
10 – Good Company
11 – Bohemian Rhapsody
12 – God Save The Queen

Bonus CD:
01 – Keep Yourself Alive (Long-Lost Retake, June 75)
02 – Bohemian Rhapsody (Operatic Section A cappella Mix 2011)
03 – You’re My Best Friend (Backing Track Mix 2011)
04 – I’m In Love With My car (Guitar & Vocal Mix 2011)
05 – ’39 (Live at Earls Court, June 77)
06 – Love Of My Life (South American Live Single June 79)

A Night At The Opera, Queens Tour d’ Force, featuring the venomous Death On Two Legs, Rocking I’m In Love With My Car, the pop classic You’re My Best Friend, the epic Prophets Song, The mighty operatic Bohemian Rhapsody to name but a few. What an album, a true masterpiece!
Again the re-mastering adds new life and dimensions to these classic tracks making hearing them again a purely pleasurable experience.
The bonus tracks are different, but not amazing, but still add a little to the sheer might of this awesome album!
Every self respecting rock and pop fan should own this album, it’s the album that made Queen household names around the globe with Bohemian Rhapsody breaking chart records everywhere!
You need to own this album, simplez!

Website - Queen
Rating - 10/10

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