Sunday, 13 March 2011

Voodoo Circle - Broken Heart Syndrome

Genre - Classic Rock / Blues Rock / Hard Rock
Label - AFM Records

Track Listing -
01. No Solution Blues
02. King Of Your Dreams
03. Devil’s Daughter
04. This Could Be Paradise
05. Broken Heart Syndrome
06. When Destiny Calls
07. Blind Man
08. Heal My Pain
09. The Heaven’s Are Burnging
10. Don’t Take My Heart
11. I’m In Heaven
12. Wings Of Fury

By God this is great album!
Opener and title track, No Solution Blues, really sets the standard, quickly followed by the Kashmir esque King Of Dreams, which co incidentally features some guitar work that the master in black, one Richie Blackmore, would be proud of, and it’s a great song to boot!
Devils Daughter has a soulful blues feel to it, a true atmospheric master piece, again a great song!
Vocalist David Readman sounds like he could step into the shoes of any classic rock band’s lead singer, he has a Coverdale / Lande esque voice, yet its distinctive in its own way, never sounding like he's trying to mimic the greats.
All 12 songs her are of the highest quality, and performed to perfection!
If you’re a fan of classic rock with a bluesy edge, ala the likes of Dokken, Rainbow and Whitesnake, then you are sure to love this cd!

Very highly recommended!

Website - Voodoo CircleRating - 10/10

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