Sunday, 13 March 2011

Reverend Backflash - Who's The Man!

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Sleaze
Label - Torando Ride Records

Track Listing -
01. Another part of town
02. Hard to put the thumb on it
03. Hit it home
04. D.y.l.w.y.s.
05. Say hello
06. Slave to the beatmachine
07. Dead to the world
08. Touched by the underground
09. Bad news alley
10. Too much
11. Fuck with me
12. Who’s the man?!

Formed in 2003 by four boys from the northern outskirts of Vienna, Reverend Backflash delivers a sleazy hard / classic rock sound that is almost instantly likable. Not often that happens!
With a sound that comes across as similar to Guns n Roses, LA Guns, Kitty Hudson, Cowboy Prostitutes, Hardcore Superstar, with a little punk element thrown in there to give them a contemporary edge.
The songs are really strong, with opener 'Another Part Of Town' setting the picture rather well. This is a strong release for a debut cd! (The band have only released a couple of Eps previously)
The band are solid, obviously very talented musicians, and the vocals have that perfect raspy feel to them, perfect for this kind of music.
Highlight tracks include, Another Part Of Town, Bad News Alley, xxxx With Me, and Touched By The Underground.
Great songs from start to finish, a great debut album.
Highly recommended!

Website - Reverend Backlashrating - 9/10

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