Sunday, 13 March 2011

Velvet Star - In The Face Of Vanity

Genre - Classic Rock / Hard Rock / Punk rock
Label - Rocksector Records

Track listing -

01 - Revolver
02 - Rockstar/Superstar
03 - One Of Us
04 - Zero
05 - Easy
06 - Ego
07 - Give In To Me
08 - It Ain't Over
09 - Something About You
10 - 15 Minutes

British rockers Velvet Star unleash their debut on us in the form of In The Face Of Vanity, and what a strong album it is. Here is yet more proof that the UK has a vibrant and relevant music scene, with the likes of Velvet Star, Falling Red, Fury On, Voodoo Johnson, Eureka Machines, Jackdaw4, The Treatment, Fury UK, Super-Charger etc, things are really looking good for British music.
As I said this is a really strong debut album, filled with solid songs, and just the right mix of punk into the classic rock to give the band a contemporary sound. Stand out tracks include Revolver, Rockstar / Superstar, One Of Us, It Aint Over and 15 Minutes, but to be honest they’re all great.
Catch these guys live around the UK on tour with their label mates Falling red during April / May

Well worth checking out!

Website - Velvet Star
Rating - 9/10

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