Sunday, 13 March 2011

Whitesnake - Forevermore

Genre - Classic Rock / Hard Rock / Cock Rock / Bluesy Rock
Label - Frontiers Records

Track Listing -
01. Steal Your Heart Away
02. All Out Of Luck
03. Love Will Set You Free
04. Easier Said Than Done
05. Tell Me How
06. I Need You (Shine A Light)
07. One Of These Days
08. Love And Treat Me Right
09. Dogs In The Street
10. Fare Thee Well
11. Whipping Boy Blues
12. My Evil Ways
13. Forevermore
14. Whipping Boy Blues (Swamp Mix)

Forevermore pucks up exactly where Good To Be Bad left off, whilst not quite as heavy, and slightly more melodic. The album finds messiah Coverdale in fine voice, sure his voice hasn't quite got the power it had in his heyday of the 80’s but Mr Coverdale knows how to work within his limitations and deliver a powerful soul lifting performance.
I’ve got to be honest, Forevermore could be the strongest album Mr Coverdale has put his name to in years. There’s not a weak track here, and there’s enough variety to satisfy the fns of all eras of Whitesnake’s illustrious past.
With Good To Be Bad, Whitesnake rediscovered their blues based rock roots, something that continues here on Forevermore.
The line up changes have continues, unfortunately, but importantly the guitarist line-up has remained unchanged, with Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach forming a formidable partnership, whose riff’s and solos, really drive this album along and bring it to life!
David Coverdale has really pulled out all the stops on this one. A great album from a legend!
Possibly one of the albums of 2011!

Website - Whitesnake
Rating 10/10

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