Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Ginger Wildheart - G.A.S.S. Month 12 EP (2015)

Genre - Hard Rock / Pop / Punk / Alternative
Label - Self Released
Track listing:
01 - Don't Lose Your Tail, Girl
02 - Waves Of Sadness
03 - I'll Have Another

So here we are, after twelve glorious months we come to the final instalment of Ginger Wildhearts mighty G.A.S.S. project, and what an a project its been! With this , the final instalment adding the last of the tracks we have had, thirty six brand spanking new songs, twenty four previously unreleased demos / outtakes (that's not including the Chutzpah! demos!), a plethora of awesome artwork, podcasts, articles (both on horror films and the secret history of rock 'n' roll) and diary updates!. What a ride it has been, and in typical fashion, it would seem that Ginger may have very well kept the best for last, as the three new songs in this months instalment are quite simply brilliant.
This months offerings opens up with, Don't Lose Your Tail, Girl. This is quite possibly the best song, definitely the most epic (and yes I am considering Sky Babies in there too!) song that Ginger has ever released. It twists and turns through so many tempo and style changes, yet always remains tight and focused. A truly wonderful song that features the talents of Givvi Flynn (vocals), Lynne Edwards (vocals), and  Jase Edwards (synth swells, piano, harpsichord, orchestral synth and noises). A really brilliant song!
Next up we have Waves Of Sadness, which is much more of a typical straight up rocker, but don't let that description fool you as its a real stonker of a track. Its loud, proud, shouty and yet melodic and harmonic, fucking brilliant, once again showing Ginger at his best. This time the song features the talents of Jase Edwards, Lynne Edwards, Stix, Simon Wilson, Sophia Vassalos, Squirrel and Tom Spencer on vocals.
This months new songs close out with I'll Have Another. This song is a really bouncy rocker in some ways quite reminiscent of a certain Status Quo, although I am sure that I can hear elements of Dancin' and Better Than Cable (by The Wildhearts) in there too. This is another really awesome track, featuring the talents of Robin Guy (drums), Tom Spencer (vocals and guitar), Jase Edwards (vocals), Squirrel (vocals), and Lynne Edwards (vocals), and is a great way with which to end such an ambitious and hugely successful project on.

and this months bonus demos.....

well as has become tradition here, lets see what Ginger himself has to say about them......

PRIDE ON FIRE – "I can only assume by the sheer level of musicianship that was the side project proposed by that ‘super-group’ collection of LA rockers, who ultimately wanted Cory Taylor to sing for them. There’s no doubt that Corey has the better voice. Christ, he has a better voice than even his fans know. I’ve heard him go in person, he’s insane.
I do doubt, however, that he’d have written a more emotional melody and personal lyric than this. Hell, if this wasn’t going to get me a pro gig in Hollywood then it was never going to happen.
And, subsequently, never did."
THIS TOO WILL PASS – "Oh, I LOVE this verse melody.
I honestly didn’t know, until Adam Perry (of A) pointed it out, that the chorus is identical to a Blur song. I forget which song (hang on, wasn’t it ‘This Is A Low’?) but he was right, of course, their song had obviously lodged itself subliminally into my psyche and I’d totally reproduced it, note for note, on this home demo.
To be honest I’m amazed that this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often, but I’m thankful that it was picked up on before the song was released and their lawyers had me shot and hidden in a desert somewhere.
Still, that verse. That’s lovely that is. And Damon Albarn didn’t write that."

Pride On Fire is yet more proof that this group of musicians should have recorded and released an album together, as thanks to G.A.S.S. we have now been privileged to hear three demos, (Pride, Shine and The Thin Line...), all of them absolutely brilliant songs! A beautiful song that's just, well almost the perfect power ballad!

This Too Will Pass is the demo of one of the bonus tracks that would end up on Gingers best of compilation Ten. Here it is fairly stripped back and as stated with a different (and in my opinion superior) chorus. Another great sneak peak at the evolution of a song.

So there we have it, the last instalment of G.A.S.S. I dare say that the first of every month is never quite going to feel the same without out monthly shot of musical perfection.

Rating - 10/10

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