Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Jettblack - Disguises (2015)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - Cherry Red Records / Pledge Music
Track listing:
01 - Slaves
02 - Explode
03 - Poison Rain
04 - Evidence
05 - Disguises
06 - Broken Bones
07 - Black & White
08 - Kick In The Teeth
09 - Enemy
10 - Human
11 - Smoke & Mirrors
After making a name for themselves with their debut and the truly awesome second album, followed by extensive gigs in Europe British hard rockers JETTBLACK, returns with third effort "Disguises", developing a heavier, more mature sound and elaborated songwriting.
Harder edged than Get Your Hands Dirty and Raining Rock, "Disguises" is an ambitious album that casts Jettblack in an exciting new light.
There's a sense or more groove and swagger on this new record, but don't worry, it's still full of huge choruses, massive riffs and in your face production.
Eschewing their sleazier side for a more mature songwriting approach, tracks like "Poison Rain" pull the band way beyond their comfort zone with shades of Blue Oyster Cult and Dio colouring this early highlight.
However despite the heavier riffs, Jettblack still fill their songs with lots of melody, strong clean vocals, catchy refrains, and crackin' choruses, in fact all the Jettblack trademarks that we have come to love.
The songs in "Disguises" are just more... 'intense', I think this is the word to describe this album. But an intensity which avoids much of contemporary rock and metal's too common harshness.
Jettblack does this largely through that inherent harmony and melody the sneak in through the guitar lines and vocal arrangements.
Another notable aspect of "Disguises" is the brisk production and mix. It feels like the band told the mixer and mastering dudes to make all the parts louder than every other part. Something that many bands fail to get right these days!
Basically, Jettblack has a rather large sound which probably blows up venues, and likely other more punier bands, on a regular basis.
And the album basically doesn't stop with the intense hard rock from the opening song "Slaves", and continues with the chain-gang "Explode", "Kick In The Teeth", the infectious melodic hooks of "Human" and "Enemy", and the kick ass massive chorus of title track.
A short reprieve comes with the lighter "Black and White" and the slow burning "Evidence", some kind of Skid Row yet with an original atmosphere.
Jettblack's third album is driven by a killer groove and swing on all the tracks - they batter and pummel with a loose-hipped precision that defies you to sit still.
Add to this a desire to expand wherever possible on the classic hard rock template and you have a modern sounding album shot through with a huge amount of texture and variety.
"Disguises" merit lots of attention from the hard rock community, and I hope Jettblack's new label (the prestigious Cherry Red Records) give the band the proper promotion they largely deserve.
A stunning album despite one of the longest running pledge music campaigns in history!

Very, Very Highly Recommended.
Rating - 10/10

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