Saturday, 25 April 2015

Defy All Reason - The Road Ahead (2015)

Genre - Hard Rock / Blues / Southern Rock
Label - Self Released Stampede Press UK

Track listing:

01 - Midnight Train
02 - Bad Blood
03 - Behind Those Eyes
04 - You Get Me High
05 - Bad Taste Of You
06 - Finding My Way (Back To You)
07 - Shame
08 - I Run
09 - Because Of You
10 - Wanted Dead Or Alive (Bon Jovi Cover)
11 - The Only One
12 - Cure For Healing
13 - Redemption

Welsh rockers Defy All Reason, unleash their debut album, The Road Ahead, upon the world and what a bloody album it is!
Defy All Reason manage to create the perfect mixture of melody and grit, whilst throwing in a good old bit of attitude to create on of the best albums that I have had the pleasure of hearing in a long time. From the opening Midnight Train, with its heavy southern blues influences, to the gritty melodic groove of Bad Blood, the bass driven You Get Me High, the funk tinged Bad Taste Of You, to the huge power ballads of Behind Those Eyes and Finding My Way Back (To You), this album really does cover all of the bases! (including the best version of Bon Jovi's classic Wanted Dead Or Alive that I Have ever heard!).
As I stated earlier the band have found the perfect balance between heavy grooves and melody. And here was me thinking that the last really great band to come out of Wales was bloody Tigertailz!
I fell in love with this album upon first hearing it, I can see huge things in the future for these guys should they gain the right exposure and backing.

This is one album that you really should be checking out.

Rating - 10/10

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