Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Scaramanga Six - Worm Necklace EP (2015)

Genre - Rock / Alternative
Label - Pledge Music / Wrath Records
Track listing:
01 - Seven Chances
02 - The House Of Hell
03 - Grave Peril
04 - Stagefright

So here we have Worm Necklace, the second of the prequel Ep's to the forthcoming new album by the mighty Scaramanga Six, and one again its a stonker!
The Ep opens up with the brilliant Seven Chances, which is a great melodic rock track that manages to blend that unique Scaramanga Six swagger and seventies influences into the perfect four minute track!
Next up we have The House Of Hell. This one opens up with a great little riff and steadily builds into another great melodic rocker.
Grave Peril follows, this track is a great Jazzy workout and really switches the pace and tempo of the Ep, its also my favourite track too!
Stagefright closes out the Ep, is a great mid to up tempo rocker in the typical Scaramanga Six fashion, with a sport of spaghetti western feel in places.
Worm Necklace is another great Ep, and if the songs that are available across the too prequel Ep's are anything to go by then we are really in for a treat with the album!
I sincerely recommend pledging for this new album, hell you cant get better value for money, one album and three Eps!

Highly Recommended

Rating 10/10

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