Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Junkyard Choir - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (2015)

Genre - Hard Rock / Garage Blues
Label - Self Released

Track listing:

01 -Vaya Con Dios
02 - Get It On
03 - Oh Have Mercy
04 - Let The Good Times Roll
05 - Hold Fast
06 - Shake Your Tambourine
07 - Sun Moon Stars
08 - Rehab
09 - The Wolf
10 - Let Your Love Roll In
11 - Sweet Marylou

This one again comes by recommendation of Mr Kyle Vallis and his Unsigned Melodies site, cheers pal!

Junkyard Choir is a two-piece musical powerhouse from Brighton, England (although at times you could be forgiven for thinking that they were from the USA's dirty south!) - a stripped-down garage orchestra of guitar and drums, characterised by gritty melodies and commanded by imperious vocals. Mark Woods and Tom Herbert are purveyors of a restless and dirty blues from south of the borderlands - drenched in rum, and served with lime - this is riot music, road trip rock n roll: the sounds of the desert and the soul of the swamp, forged from hunger and baptised in sweat.
One half Scottish grit, the other half Caribbean spice; Junkyard Choir is a one-hundred-percent south coast blues-grunge explosion. Established in 2014 - and formerly trading as 'Dos Hermanos Locos'.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is the bands debut album and what a way to introduce yourselves!
A perfect mix of dirty blues and garage rock, that is the best way to describe the way Junkyard Choir sound, with the lead vocals being very reminiscent of NWoBHM legends Samson's one time lead vocalist Nicky Moore, which is no bad thing at all!
There is not a bad track on this album at all, in fact it's quite amazing as to just how good this album sounds considering that Junkyard Choir are just a duo!
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie could be the perfect soundtrack to that road trip that you have always dreamed about taking, just laid back, gritty rock n roll. Songs like Get It On, Oh Have Mercy, Shake Your Tambourine, Rehab and Hold Fast in planting themselves in your brain and forcing you to sing along.
Junkyard Choir are a truly independent band, doing everything, and I mean everything from booking shows, designing and printing merch / flyers to producing their own videos, so show some support!
These guys are really worth checking out!

Very Highly Recommended

Rating - 10/10

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