Tuesday, 28 April 2015

WhiskeyDick - Welcome To Yeehaw County (2015)

Genre - Southern Rock / Country / Hillbilly / Acoustic
Label - Stampede Press Uk
Track listing:
01. Redemption
02. Train Robbin, Gun Totin, Dope Smokin, Guitar Pickin, Mother Fuckin, Good Time Band.
03. Yee Haw
04. Breathin A New Life
05. Help
06. 18  Wheels Of Life
07. My Prison State Of Mind
08. Drunk As Hell
09. Devil’s Eyes
10. Gun Totin’ Rebel Son
11. Murder Love Song
12. BlackTooth Grin
13. Fallen Heroes Remastered

"Texan duo WhiskeyDick have given anyone stumbling across them some very subtle hints as to what they may sound like. If the album art featuring jars of moonshine, trucker hats and a confederate flag doesn’t quite give it away, maybe the albums title will. These two guys play good old-fashioned, redneck-tinged acoustic country rock. You can pretty much smell the bourbon (and weed) that undoubtedly went into the making of this record."
Now the above statement may sound a little negative to some, but its not. These guys play acoustic driven southern hill billy blues with their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks. But they take what they do very seriously, and all thirteen songs on offer here show that. The songs are very well crafted, and by no means throw away, despite the tongue n cheek lyrics. Now I love my down tuned overdriven guitars as much a the next guy, but this album really has taken me by surprise. As I previously said, its acoustically driven, yet as powerful as any full blown band album out there. Help is just brilliant, sensitive and touching, Redemption and Train Robbin... are pure southern fun.
These guys are very obviously enjoying themselves and you are left in no doubt that that’s what you will be doing also. The whole album gallops along and takes you on an exciting journey, from gentle acoustic to breath taking riff and solo offerings mixed with a gritty cowboy presence. Outstanding tracks for me were ‘Help’ with its beautiful melodic raspy vocals, delicate acoustic and heartfelt passion. ‘Black Tooth Grin’ with its very obvious Dimebag Darrel tribute.
Welcome To Yeehaw County isthe perfect soundtrack to a night of booze and BBQ.

Well worth checking out!

Rating - 9/10

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