Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Ginger Wildheart - Yoni (2016 Re-mix and Re-master)

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock
Label - Round Records / Pledge Music

Track  listing:

01 - Black Windows
02 - When She Comes
03 - Holiday
04 - Smile In Denial
05 - Jake
06 - The Night I Was Born Again
07 - Why Can't You Be Normal All The Time
08 - Can't Drink You Pretty
09 - This Bed IS On Fire
10 - Save Me
11 - Wendy You're Killing Me
12 - Siberian Angel

Originally released back in 2007 and the follow up to Ginger's debut solo album Valor Del Corazon, Yoni is also being re-issued. Only this time Yoni is not only being re-mastered like Valor Del Corazon and Market Harbour, no, Yoni is also getting its long over due re-mix treatment. Once again re-mastering, and in this case re-mixing duties fall to long time Ginger producer and friend Jase Edwards, and it has to be said he has done a fantastic job here!
Firstly it has to be said that although it has always been recognised that Yoni is jam packed with brilliant songs, its production, well to be more accurate its mix, has at times come in for a little criticism. It also seemed to sound thin and well tinnie in comparison to other albums, especially when you played a track from Yoni in a playlist with other non Yoni tracks. and although I always loved many of the songs on this album I often found myself not listening to them for that particular reason. Well no  more! Jase Edwards has done a fantastic job in rebuilding the alum from the bottom up Yoni now sounds huge!
Not only is every instrument and vocal clearer and more defined, but they sound fuller, and well more powerful throughout. You finally get to hear Random Jon Poole's awesome bass playing, especially the awesome solo / run on the mid section of 'The Night I Was Born Again' and 'Why Can't You Just Be Normal All The Time'!
'Smile In Denial', always one of my favourite Ginger tracks sounds awesome as do Ginger classics like 'Black Windows' and 'When She Comes.' The new mix really brings to life the string arrangements and intricate guitar works on 'Jake'. Amazing.
To be fair you start to notice new hidden textures that had previously been buried in the mix with each and every new listen of the album.
I would hazard a guess that Yoni finally sounds as it was intended to sound, rich full and amazing!

Very highly recommended!!!!!!!

Rating: 10/10

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