Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Baby Scream - Lifes A Trap EP (2016)

Genre - Power-pop
Label - Baby Scream Records

Track listing:
01 - Life's Better When U R High
02 - The Ballad of  Music Biz
03 - Climbing Down
04 - We Can't I Go Back To 17?
05 - Wish You were Beer
06 - Jokes
07 - The Road Bends
08 - Midnight Snack

Juan Pablo Mazzola returns with his latest Baby Scream release, 'Life Is A Trap'. Now before we go any further lets get one thing clear, it's no secret that I am a huge Baby Scream fan and have been for years, and therefore look forward to hearing every new piece of material Juan releases, yet that does not cloud my judgement when considering the quality of a song etc. Luckily Juan rarely disappoints in this departments, now with that said lets take a look at this new Baby Scream release.  'Life’s A Trap' consists of 8 songs that Juan Pablo Mazzola recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina together with Nick Schinder (who once again, just like in 'Fan, Fan, Fan' worked as a producer and played some piano and contributed some backing vocals). Now if you are familiar with Baby Scream you will know the style of music on offer here, laid back and chilled yes, but with cutting lyrics and heart wrenching (at times) melodies. Kind of like a blend of John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Badfinger, Big Star, some Americana / 90’s flavour and a little T-Rex thrown in for good measure.
The Ep is to be  released by Juan Pablo Mazzola’s label “Baby Scream Records on CD, cassette (remember them?) and digital formats, which are available from the bands Bandcamp Page here.
The EP's lead single is the track, 'The Ballad Of Music Biz' for which a video has been shot that features  Juan contemplating the drama of the music business..
Now how do the songs sound?
The Ep opens up with 'Life's Better When U R High', which has a  typical acoustic driven intro that blooms into a  Baby Scream melodic rock track,  with some great honest reflective lyrics and some great guitar / piano trade offs. Next comes the Ep's lead single, 'The Ballad of Music Biz'. Here we see Juan contemplating the trials and tribulations that face budding musicians in the music world. Its a beautiful ballad with some great atmospheric string arrangements throughout. This is going to become one of my favourite Baby Scream songs!
'Climbing Down' follows, which sees Juan contemplating life with his new born child, again some lovely string and vocal harmony arrangements throughout the song, short sweet and beautiful.
'We Can't Go Back To 17' is up next and is a rather melancholic track that sees Juan reflecting upon the trials and tribulations of growing older. Again some great piano and string arrangements (yes I know they are synthesised but who cares, they work brilliantly. 'Wish You Were Beer' which is musically almost surreal, yet works brilliantly. Juan's cutting lyrical style and turn of phrase really shines through on this song. Again I believe this track is destined to become another of my Baby Scream favourites. 'Jokes' is a short and sweet melancholic track, that's leads into 'Road Bends' which sees Juan hitting full blown Americana mode! Great songs too! The EP closes out with 'Midnight Snack' a beautiful acoustic driven song that showcases both Juan's song writing and guitar playing, but also Nicks' piano work, delicate and emotional.

So there we have, yet another cracking release from Baby Scream!

Very Highly Recommended

Rating: 10/10

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