Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Ginger Wildheart - Valor Del Corazon (Re-mastered) (2016)

Genre - Hard Rock /  Pop / Powerpop / Punk
Label - Round Records / Pledge Music

Track  listing:

Disc One
01 - Ugly
02 - Mother City
03 - G.T.T.
04 - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
05 - This Is Only A Problem
06 - Ten Flaws Down
07 - Paramour
08 - The Man Who Cheated Death

Disc Two
01 - The Drunken Lord Of Everything
02 - L.O.V.E.
03 - The Way
04 - Drinking In The Daytime
05 - Keep It Cool
06 - Only Lonely
07 - Your Mouth
08 - Change
09 - My Friend The Enemy
10 - Bulb
11 - Something To Believe In

Originally released back in 2006, Ginger Wildheart's proper debut solo album, Valor Del Corazon,  gets the full re-mastering and re-release treatment (along with 2007's Yoni and 2008's Market Harbour albums). Valor del Corazon was original written and recorded during a very turbulent part of Ginger's life, with him dealing with various drug abuse issues and the collapse of his family. Recorded in Texas and produced by Ralph Jezzard (who had previously produced Endless Nameless by The Wildhearts.)
The album contains a lot of very personal lyrical references throughout and was an instant hit amongst Wildhearts and Ginger fans.
But how does the re-master sound?
Well to be fair I personally never had any issues with the original release, but I have to say Jase Edwards has done a sterling job here. Now don't get me wrong, this is a re-mastering not a re-mixing (unlike Yoni) but non the less the difference is noticeable. First of all everything sounds brighter and fresher, every instrument sounds that little bit clearer and more defined. the listener starts to notice things that had previously gone un-noticed, such as the guitar melody / riff during the mid section of 'G.T.T.' which Ginger would later recycle into the main driving riff of Market Harbour's 'Shatterproof'! The acoustic guitars are more defined on 'This Is Only A Problem' which emphasize
 the country feel of the song even more. The sound effects during the first verse of '10 Flaws Down' are less annoying and distracting allowing the song to achieve its full impact. One of the biggest differences that I noticed is just how bright and clear the piano sounds on what I believe to be is one of Ginger's greatest ever songs, 'The Man Who Cheated Death'. Truly breath taking.
The re-mastering also brings out more textures in songs like 'The Drunken Lord of Everything' which I have always felt is 'Geordie In Wonderland's' big brother, here the drums seem sharper and clearer.

So there you have it, this re-mastered edition of Valor Del Corazon is well worth checking out, and hey if like me you already own the original then its still worth the investment if just for the fact it upgrades the originals sound quality a little.

Highly recommended

Rating: 10/10

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