Sunday, 7 August 2016

O'REGAN - Polymorphic Tragedy (2016)

Genre - Hard Rock / Blues Rock / Melodic Rock
Label - Z Records.

Track listing:

01 - Unchain The Night
02 - Polymorphic Tragedy
03 - Welcome To The Real World
04 - Falling Sky
05 - Gabrielle
06 - All Of My Love
07 - Trial By Fire
08 - Long Way To Go
09 - Destiny
10 - Masquerade
11 - You Don't Know

One of the hardest working musicians from the melodic hard rock UK scene, Vince O'REGAN releases his third solo album "Polymorphic Tragedy". Again the guitarist has called some talented colleagues to contribute to the record published by Z Records. Vince O'Regan is an experienced British guitarist, who was  recently part of Legion - now disbanded but with a 'final album' to be released soon - and Coda (with Paul Sabu), but also he was also the co-founder of 90s cult melodic rock group Pulse and has been previously involved in bands such as Kooga (another cult AOR outift) and acclaimed Irish rockers No Sweat.Vince's big break came in the year 2000 when he was inducted into Magnum vocalist Bob Catley's band for the co-headlining tour with Ten.
Once again with the help of the great Eric Ragno contributing with keyboards and arrangements, this new O'Regan album features a raft of highly respected Melodic Hard Rock singers and friends. On the rhythm section there's Coda's band mates, the always reliable EJ Curse (bass) and Andy Pierce (drums).
But what makes this really interesting - apart from the good songs - are the lead vocalists, including Nick Workman (Vega), the always underrated and terrific Keith St. John (George Lynch, Burning Rain), Paul Sabu, long time friend Phil Vincent, and Danny Veras (Veras).
"Polymorphic Tragedy" blends together the style of O'Regan's two previous solo albums: the first one was pretty edgy melodic hard rock, the second album being much more in the AOR vein.
We have here the groovy 'Unchain The Night', 'Welcome To The Real World', the bouncy 'Trial By Fire', 'Masquerade', all strong melodic hard rockers. Title track 'Polymorphic Tragedy' is the heaviest track on the record (and one of the best) bordering hard rock. But all this is balanced by the  cool AOR numbers such as the really good 'Falling Sky' (very nice harmonies and clean guitars), the pumping 'Long Way To Go', the ultra-catchy and my favourite 'Destiny'  with plenty of keyboards, and the fine ballad 'Gabrielle' with its 'American' feel.
"Polymorphic Tragedy" is the most complete, varied, and I'd say, best O'Regan album to date. You have seriously well written & arranged songs here, very well played and performed by stupendous vocalists.

Highly Recommended

Rating: 9/10

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