Saturday, 20 August 2016

JETT BLAKK - Rock Revolution (2016)

Genre - Melodic Rock
Label - GSR Entertainment

Track listing:

01 - Rock Revolution
02 - It's Time
03 - Let Love Win
04 - Holy Grail
05 - It's True
06 - Caught Up In The Moment
07 - Pretend
08 - Wild
09 - Bed of Memories
10 - Cold
11 - Life Goes On

"Rock Revolution" is the debut CD by JETT BLAKK who hail from Kansas City, USA, and are not to be confused with British rockers Jettblack!
Jett Blakk are based around the core duo of  guitarist Randy Blakk and vocalist Tommy Law Barton, both experienced musicians from the US Midwest music scene having played in several bands.  Barton's vocal timbre is very reminiscent of a young Bon Jovi and Randy Blakk's swirling solos and sharp riffs mean that the band deliver 11 hook laden melodic songs plenty that have charm and appeal.
'Rock Revolution' is the first single driven by panned guitar layers, clear lead vocals and a catchy chorus. 'It's Time' is one of the finest on the CD, a groovy melodic hard rocker with a contagious chorus.  'Let Love Win' is another winner with its feel good summer feel, then we have  White Lion-esque 'Holy Grail' (great one), the extremely melodic 'Caught Up In The Moment', and the slightly AORish, Trixter-like 'Pretend'.
'Wild' has a real Slaughter feel to it and the bluesy 'Bed Of Memories' has a real early Tesla thing going on. 'Cold' is a terrific mid-tempo with a warm melodic groove plus great arrangements, and 'It's True' is a stupendous power ballad crafted in a way few bands know how to do these days.
Coming out from nowhere, Jett Blakk are an unexpected surprise, and their "Rock Revolution"  album is one of best debuts of the year.

Rating: 9/10

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