Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Ginger Wildheart - Market Habour (2016 Re-master)

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock
Label - Round Records / Pledge Music

Track listing:
01. Casino Bay
02. Soap Hammer
03. The Queen Of Leaving
04. Attentionette
05. The Ninns Of Mourning
06. House Of Moths
07. How Hard Can You Make It?
08. Awareness And The Great Integrity
09. A Philosophical Conversation About Age
10. Josser Bank
11. Tennant's
12. Regret.Com
13. Black Yeah
14. I Knew You (An Amnesis)
15. You And Me (That's What I Want)
16. Couple Trouble
17. The Perilous Burden Of Prodigal Obligation
18. A Malibu Chronicle
19. Overeasy
20. Eye Of The Rotunda
21. Shatterproof

Originally released in 2008, Ginger Wildheart's Market Harbour now gets a full re-mastering over haul and release along with his two preceding solo albums, Valor Del Corazon and Yoni.
Now I know of absolutely no reason why this album required a re-master, it has always sounded great to my ears. yet saying that I am fairly sure that this re-master (once again handled by the uber talented Jase Edwards), has a slightly brighter and clearer sound, especially evident on the drums and cymbal's. Also the vocals seem a little clearer in the mix.
Market Harbour was always a special album, with each track merging into the next to create the illusion of one continuous piece of music, something that Ginger and the guys involved pulled off very well, as the listener very rarely skipped a track. This album has some great songs on it, tracks like 'Casino Bay', 'House Of Moths' and two of my personal favourite Ginger songs of all time, 'How Hard Can You Make it' and the bluesy 'Awareness And The Great Integrity', just two examples of Ginger's musical and lyrical genius sitting side by side on this album. there are also the fan favourites such as 'Couple Trouble' 'A Malibu Chronicle', 'Overeasy' and the epic album finale, 'Shatterproof'!

Of the three re-releases, Market Harbour is probably the least essential of the up-grades, (Yoni being the most essential of the three!)yet in my honest opinion it is still worth having as it sounds fresher, brighter and clearer than its original release.

Rating: 10/10

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