Monday, 25 February 2013

Voodoo Circle - More Than One Way Home

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Eighties Rock
Label -

Track listing:

01. Graveyard City
02. Tears in the Rain
03. Heart of Babylon
04. Cry for Love
05. Alissa
06. The Ghost in your Heart
07. Bane of My Existence
08. More than One Way home
09. The Killer In You
10. The Saint and the Sinner
11. Victim of Love
12. Open Your Eyes
13. Shape Of Things To Come (bonus Track)
14. Castles Burn (bonus Track)

More Than One Way Home is quite possibly the best Whitesnake album that Whitesnake never made! More Than One Way Home is Voodoo Circles third album and could well be a long lost Whitesnake album from the late eighties. The song titles alone paint a picture of the era add to that the fact that vocalist David Readman sounds more like David Coverdale than David Coverdale sounds like David Coverdale these days you really do get the picture!
Opening track "Graveyard City" together with "Bane Of My Existence" have crunchy hard rockn' riffing that introduces a flavour of Dio into the mix, albeit still with that Whitesnake influence. Elsewhere, "The Ghost In Your Heart" does have a bit of Blackmore/Purple vibe to it, but once again it's the eighties incarnation circa ‘Perfect Strangers’ that springs to mind, and in fact sections of this sound dangerously close to that album's title track.
Finally, "Open Your Eyes" and one of the bonuses in this Limited Edition called "Castles Burn" rock out properly with the vibe of classic Rainbow, while the other bonus "Shape Of Things To Come" recalls Black Sabbath Tony Martin era.
The album is finely produced and expertly performed by the talented Alex Beyrodt, David Readman and all the musicians involved.

In short Voodoo Circle have delivered the kind of polished rock album that used to set the world on fire. Today, well its not going to set the world on fire but it has certainly rekindled the flames in this old rockers heart!

Very Highly Recommended.

Rating 10/10

Voodoo Circle are:
Alex Beyrodt (PRIMAL FEAR, SINNER) - Guitar
David Readman (PINK CREAM 69) - Vocals
Mat Sinner (SINNER, PRIMAL FEAR) - Bass
Markus Kullmann (DEZPERADOZ) - Drums
Zlatko Kresic (LIQUID HOME) - Keyboards

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