Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Loyalties - 'Til The Death Of Rock & Roll

Genre - Hard Rock / Punk Rock / Pop / Rock N Roll
Label - Independant Release

Track listing -

01 - Intro (Funeral March)
02 - 'Til The Death Of Rock And Roll
03 - Meat In The City
04 - The Will To Kill
05 - Death Girl
06 - I'm The Blues
07 - Whiskey Under The Bridge
08 - Killer Radio
09 - To The Flame
10 - Ashtrays Empty
11 - Pheremone Jones
12 - One Reason
13 - Whole Lotta Hate
14 - Carry Me Home
15 - Rock & Roll Over (And Die) Epilogue

The Loyalties return with their second full length album in the form of the mighty 'Til The Death Of Rock And Roll, and I have to say that we may be looking at a contender for album of the year here! The songs are sublime, the musicianship perfect, and the production spot on! This album has hardly been off of my MP3 player ever since I got it, I absolutley love it! Every song is full of energy and life, ballanced perfectly with a sense of melody that is rare these days.
If you are already a fan of the band then you wont be dissappointed!
Musically The Loyalties are in a similar vein to Sorry And The Sinatras, having a certain punky garage feel, combined with some great playing and terrific songs!
This album is a kind of concept album that goes together with the book that comes along with it, a kind of Rock N Roll who done it, but dont let that put you off as each of the songs easily stand up on thier own, and as I have already said, there are here such as title track, 'Til The Death Of Rock And  Roll, Ashtrays Empty, Whiskey Under The Bridge, death Girl and Whole Lotta Hate.

You owe it to yourself to check these guys out!

Rating - 10/10

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