Monday, 25 February 2013

Wednesday 13 - The Dixie Dead

Genre - Horror Punk?
Label - Roadrunner

Track listing:

01 – Death Arise – Intro
02 – Blood Sucker
03 – Get Your Grave On
04 – Curse The Living
05 – Too Fast For Blood
06 – Hail Ming
07 – Coming Attractions
08 – The Dixie Dead
09 – Ghost Stories
10 – Fuck You (In Memory Of…)
11 – Carol Anne… They’re Here
12 – Hands Of The Ripper
13 – Death Arise – Overture

My God I had a blast listening to this cd! I have a soft spot for songs that try to tell horror stories, hell I have been a King Diamond fan for most of my life and The Dixie Dead is an album that really is right up my street!
This is Wednesday 13's fifth studio album so we shoyuld really know what to expect shouldnt we? Well this time around the guitars have a decidedly heavier feel to them but its still the same old style at heart. Stand out tracks for me include, Hail Ming, (but then again I love most Flash Gordon theme's lol), title track, The Dixie Dead, Ghost Stories, the fun Fuck You.... and the amazing Carol Anne....They're Here! with its Poltergeist theme!
Fans of the band will love this album and anyone curious of the horrorpunk genre really couldnt do any better than starting with checking out The Dixie Dead!

Rating - 9/10

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