Saturday, 9 February 2013

The God Damn Whores - Heya-Heya-Heya-Heya-Ho!

Genre - Hard Rock / Pop / Punk /
Label - Pledge Music

Track listing -

01 - Introducing The Whores
02 - Mundane And Beautiful
03 - Media Slave
04 - Poolius Ceasar
05 - Sparkly Silver Sky
06 - The Harrowing Line
07 - Fucking Hell
08 - Macho Sapiens
09 - Dilligence
10 - Cynical Haze
11 - Trip A.M
12 - We're Going To Live For A Very Long Time

Finally Random Jon Pooles delivers the second God Damn Whores album, and about bloody time!
The former Cardiac, current Wildheart and Ginger Wildheart bassist eventually delivers the goods.
If you heard the first Whores album then expect pretty much the same kind of madness. Great quirky tracks from Jon's ever so slighty demented sense of humour. Well crafted songs excellently executed with a great sense of fun always at the fore front!

About This Album

All songs written by Jon Poole except track 12 which was written by Ware, Marsh, Gregory.
All instruments and vocals performed by Random Jon Poole except for stunt guitar solos on tracks 2, 8 and 11 which were played by Jase “The Ace” Edwards.
Additional chanting and mayhem was caused by Adam Collier-Woods under lively circumstances.
Produced and recorded by Random Jon Poole between 2008-2010.
Mastered by Jase Edwards at Majestic Splendour studios

Rating  - 10/10

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