Monday, 25 February 2013

Saxon - Sacrifice

Genre - Heavy Metal / NWoBHM / Traditional Metal
Label - UDR

Track listing:

01 – Procession
02 – Sacrifice
03 – Made in belfast
04 – Warriors of the road
05 – Guardians of the tomb
06 – Stand up and fight
07 – Walking The Steel
08 – Night Of The Wolf
09 – Wheels Of Terror
10 – Standing In A Queue

Biff Byford's latest incarnation of NWoBHM stalwarts returns with their latest offering in the form of their 20th studio album, Sacrifice, and to be honest its quite possibly the best album they have released in years!
Sacrifice see's Saxon not only firing on all cylinders, but sounding re-invigerated, inspired even, god damn Saxon sound more alive on Sacrifice than they have since, say Denim and Leather!
Biff is in fine voice, and there is no shortage of great songs on offer here.
Title track, Sacrifice, is a hard hitting opener, a new anthem to add to the back catalogue with some great riffs, Warriors Of The Road races along in the same vein as Motorcycle Man and Stallions Of The Highway,
whilst Wheels Of Terror really chugs along in a way that only Saxon can.
Sacrifice, as I have already said, is in my honest opinion the best album Saxon have recorded in years and its feels really good to see the veterens hitting such fine form at this satge of their lengthy carears!

Highly reconmended!

Rating - 9/10

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