Saturday, 9 February 2013

Newsted - Metal EP

Genre - Heavy Metal / Thrash
Label -

Track listing:

01 - Soldierhead
02 - Godsnake
03 - KIng Of the Underdogs
04 - Skyscrapper

Former Metallica bassissted returns with his new project, Newsted and their debut release Metal.
Just a four track EP, but it really does make a big statement. Newsted play that good old fashioned Metal / Thrash that bands like Metallica used to play, and they play it very very well!
All four songs are solid, well written, full of great riffs, gripping melodies and well just cracking songs.
Soldierhead opens up the EP and sets the scene well for what is about to come, Godsnake grinds along before the Epic King Of The Underdogs is unleashed. The EP finished with Skyscrapper, Newsteds views of 9/11, a great song with a heavy message.
Judging by these four tracks big things could be coming the way of Newsted, and I personally cant wait for the full length album!

Very highly reconmended

Rating - 10/10

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