Saturday, 9 February 2013

Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell

Genre - Heavy Metal / Traditional Heavy Metal / Speed Metal
Label -

Track listing -

01. Nabataea

02. World of War
03. Live Now!
04. Far from the Stars
05. Burning Sun
06. Waiting for the Thunder
07. Hold Me in Your Arms
08. Wanna Be God
09. Straight Out of Hell
10. Asshole
11. Years
12. Make Fire Catch the Fly
13. Church Breaks Down
Premium Edition bonus tracks:
14. Another Shot Of Life
15. Burning Sun (Hammond version dedicated to Jon Lord)

The mighty Helloween return with album fourteen in the form of Straight Out Of Hell, and with it a real return to form!
Straight Out Of Hell has thirteen tracks on the standard release and two extra bonus tracks on the 'Premium Edition' including a Hammond version of "Burning Sun", which is dedicated to the much admired John Lord (Deep Purple) who of course passed away in 2012.
Singer Andi Deris keeps the guys on a melodious track yet allows them to deliver all the technical craft and metal that the band Helloween have become known for over the years.
Highlight tracks for me personally include the almost rapped, Wanna Be God and the great Asshole, but there are plenty more gems on this album such as the melodic Hold Me In Your Arms, the rocking Years, or the pianno inro'd Waiting For Thunder.

Straight Out Of Hell really is a great album, an album that see's Helloween doing what Helloween do best, and delivering their best album since the days of the mighty Keeper Of The Seven Keys albums.

Very Highly Reconmended

Rating - 9/10

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