Saturday, 9 February 2013

Heaven's Basement - Filthy Empire

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - Red Bull Records
Track listing -

01 - Welcome Home
02 - Fire, Fire
03 - Nothing Left To Lose
04 - Lights Out In London
05 - I Am Electric
06 - The Long Goodbye
07 - Heartbreaking Son Of Bitch
08 - Be Somebody
09 - Can't Let Go
10 - The Price We Pay
11 - Jump Back
12 - Executioners Day

The UK's Heavens Basement return with their first full length album featuring new vocalist Aaron Buchanan and the follow up to last years excellent Unbreakable EP. To cut a long story short Heaven's Basement plays rough 'n ready Rock N Roll, hard and uncompromising. All songs are well written and perfectly executed, with a production that is absolutley top notch. What has suprised me the most is the energy that has been packed into each of the songs, these guys are really playing it like they mean it, as if thier lives depended upon it infact. Welcome Home is a blistering opener, Fire,Fire has its killer riffs and huge arena rock sound. They guys say that they "put every ounce of our blood and sweat into each track on the album," and it really shows. There are so many high points on this album that it really is hard to single out any particular tracks, but I have to say that I love Welcome Home, Nothing Left To Lose, I Am Electric, Heartbreaking Son Of A Bitch, The Price We Pay and the reworking of thier classic Executioners Day.
In short, Filthy Empire is the sound of a band finally delivering the goods that they have been threateniung to deliver for years, the sound of an album that should bring the band the success and recognition that they so rightly deserve!

All hard rock fans, no all music fans need to check this album out!

Rating 10/10

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