Sunday, 7 March 2010

Cirkus - Bad Love

Cirkus are a two piece band hailing from Uppsala, Sweden, featuring Roux'd on vocals and Snetan on guitar. The band play a kind of hard rock that seems to fuse together a few various elements from 70's prog rock to new wave. Bad Love is the lead single taken from the forth coming (as yet) un-named album. Its an enjoyable enough track to be honest and dos mark a slight change in direction for the band, but that's pretty much where the praise ends. Whilst the track itself is enjoyable enough, its also nothing special and tends to fade into the back ground becoming mere background music, to the extent that when I had it looped on my mp3 I completely lost track of when it started and when it ended. Sorry

Cirkus may offer a great album in the near future, but Bad Love is pretty much Bog standard rock n roll.

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Rating 6/10

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