Monday, 22 March 2010

Baby Scream - Ups and Downs

This CD was originally released in the U.S. by Recorded Recordings Records in December, 2008, being recorded between Argentina, Germany and the U.S.

Originally it was supposed to be a 7 track ep but it ended up being an L.P.
Every song on here is well written, short and sweet, gentle little classics in the making. This album is a powerpop / Americana / Britpop classic in the making in my opinion, and is great music to chill out to!
Like this years Identity Theft, this album ain't going to do it for you if your looking for loud, high energy songs, but if you want to listen to some good, well written classy music whilst relaxing then this album is for you!
very enjoyable!

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Rating 8/10

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