Thursday, 18 March 2010

Big Ball - Hotter Than Hell

Big Ball hail from Germany, yet they sound almost identical to ACDC, even down to the vocals!

They play the same kind of dirty boogie hard rock as ACDC, but where as ACDC use subtle hints and innuendo in their songs, Big Ball just come right out and say it. The stage is set early on with the albums opener 'Double Demon', and then just pretty much continues in the same vein until the closing track of 'Riding With The Devil'.
All the songs are very well written, and although the band do sound pretty much exactly the same as ACDC i don't get the feeling that they have tried to rip off the legendary rockers, just that they've decided that they like that sound and headed in the same direction.

Another thing that I could say is that Big Ball are an X rated version of ACDC for the younger generation, they have strong solid songs, if not outstandingly ground breaking, and to be honest if you like the likes of ACDC, Rhino Bucket, Airbourne and Broken Teeth etc then you really should be able to find some enjoyment in this album!

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rating 8/10

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