Thursday, 18 March 2010

Liberty n Justice - Light It Up

Liberty n Justice formed some 19 years ago and Light It Up is their ninth a full album. In 2004 Liberty n Justice ceased to be a full blown band and became more of a studio project based around the song writing talents of Justin Murr.

Light it Up is another album of astonishingly high quality songs featuring a virtual who's who of the melodic / hard rock world, you only have to check out the track-listing below to see the calibre of the musicians involved.

1.Light It Up (Phil Lewis of LA Guns and JK Northrup of King Kobra)
2.The Other Thief (Dale and Troy Thompson of Bride)
3.Blink (Lynn Louise Lowrey of Vixen and Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister)
4.Do What You Believe (CJ Snare and Bill Leverty of Firehouse)
5.Man vs. Mother Nature (Ted Poley of Danger Danger and Vic Rivera of Crunch)
6.Treading On Serpents (Les Carlsen of Bloodgood and Oz Fox of Stryper/Bloodgood)
7.Uncle Sam (Sheldon Tarsha of Tarsha/Adler's Appetite and Jeff Pilson of Dokken/Foreigner)
8.Every Reason To Believe (Kelly Keeling of Baton Rouge/TSO and Kerri Kelli of Alice Cooper)
9.Wrestling With God
10.Best Time You Never Had (Chris Jericho (WWE Wrestler/Fozzy) and Phil Collen of Def Leppard)
11.Beautiful Decision (Harry Hess and Pete Lesperance of Harem Scarem)
12.Drunk Dead Gorgeous (Marq Torien of BulletBoys and Chris Holmes of W.A.S.P.)
13.Greed (Robert Mason of Warrant/Lynch Mob and Jerry Dixon of Warrant)
14.For Better Or Worse (Shawn Pelata of Line Of Fire/Waking Jonah and Stephen Chesney of Waking Jonah)

and also features some additional musicians: Eric Rango, Terry Ilous (XYZ), Chris Dickens (Mission Of One), Marc Danzeisen (Bulletboys/Little Caesar), Doug Odell (Crunch/TNA) and John Pine. So we have some damn fine songs, featuring some super talented guests, and a bloody fine album!

Stand out tracks for me personally include opener, 'Light It Up', 'Best Time You Never Had', ' Man vs Mother Nature' and closer 'For Better Or Worse', which are all just sublime.
This is a great album, yes I'm not a big fan of having different vocalist's on every track as I feel that it tends interrupt the flow of the album, but having said that it does work on this album as it adds even more texture.

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rating 9/10

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